HP 2000c Printer series printer driver

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HP 2000c Printer series

Driver-Product Installation Software (3)

Type: Driver-Product Installation Software

Version: 3.1

Operating systems:Windows NT

Release date:May 25, 2000

File name: dj132ee.exe(1.5 MB) click to download

Description: The HP2500C series printer driver, v3.1, supports the HP 2000C and 2500C printer series on Windows 2000 & Windows NT4. Users are required to install the software via the “Add Printer” wizard. The toolbox utility is not included with this download. This driver is Microsoft WHQL certified

hp 2000c/cxi/cse/cn printer driver

Type: Driver-Product Installation Software

Version: 2.3

Operating systems: Windows NT

Release date: Sep 20, 2000

File name: dj749en.exe(5.0 MB)

Description: AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON UPGRADING TO THIS DRIVER: If you are replacing the v.1.0 driver with the v.2.3 driver, you MUST uninstall the v.1.0 driver before installing the v.2.3 driver; otherwise, installation or driver errors may result. Single File Download Instructions (33.6K or faster) 1. Download the file to your local hard drive. 2. Exit all open applications. 3. Browse to and double-click the downloaded file to start the file uncompression and extraction process. Wait for the files to be extracted into a newly-created folder in the same directory. When completed, the entire driver will reside in this folder. 4. Install the driver from the folder it resides in. This can be done by running setup.exe in that folder.